Good-Bye Sweet Ruby

Good-Bye Sweet Ruby

Ruby came into our lives on December 16 2005 and it was never the same. It was two weeks almost before she came out of her ‘shell’ as Kim and I use to call it but once she did, well the house and us were her’s.

When my wife passed away last May my little Ruby, our little girl, became even more of my rock, a reason to sometimes get up in the morning because she made sure that I got my ass out of bed so she could do her business.

Today I held her and said good bye as she went to sleep for the last time. I told her I loved her and that to say hi to momma when she saw her.

I will miss you Ruby girl, and now the house is truly empty.

Be at peace my baby girl and know I loved you so much.

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  1. 26/02/14 at 5:41

    I’m so, so, so sorry to read this. Rest in peace Ruby. Don’t give up Steven.

  2. Jody bot
    27/02/14 at 12:39

    She will be missed by us all…rest in peace