From the Pipeline – 7.6.08

For those of you – the far and few between – who look forward to the pipeline posts the missing one from yesterday was due to the fact that I was stuck in a time warp. My hosting company had decided to migrate to a new server and as a result left me the whole day looking like the last post was way back in June. Thankfully they got the whole process finished up today and I can get back to the normal stuff. So from today’s FriendFeed pipeline here’s a few things that caught my attention that you might find of interest.

20 Abandoned Cities from Around the World: Deserted Towns and Other Derelict Places [nw] :: Web Urbanist – some really cool photographs of cities that have been abandoned which is something that many of us don’t think about but these photos bring to life.

The “Participation Premium” [nw] :: Scobleizer – an interesting post from Robert where he looks at what really makes one popular on social networks.

Robot Policy? [nw] :: Breath In, Breath Out – Tom suggests that even though robots might be far off in the future we might be wise to start formulating serious policies about them now.

Homemade Flame Thrower [nw] :: Linnwood – just too damn cool to pass up

Thomas Hawk Interview [nw] :: Photograview – Thomas has to be of the best known name on the tech blogosphere for his photographs and in interest in the technology in general.