From the Pipeline – 7.19.08

Between doing my best to reply to all the comments that my post over on Mashable raised yesterday and trying to figure out this whole screencasting things from creating to posting my day has kinda been on the full side which meant not much got posted. However I did managed to find a few things on today’s FriendFeed pipeline to share with you. so here we go for this evening…

Video Blogging: Where’s the Disclosure (video) [nw] :: CenterNetworks – for bloggers disclosure is a pretty big deal as it helps keep us honest and our readers trusting us – but how is this translated when doing video blogging?

The Role of Aesthetics in the Emergence of Web 3.0 [nw] :: n+fold – an interesting discussion about how aesthetics might actually play a really important role (finally) in the next generation of the web.

7 (More) Amazing Adaptive Reuse Architecture Projects [nw] :: Web Urbanist – it is amazing what people will use to build stuff out of – just amazing

Why I Paid Apple To Take Back My iPhone 3G (AAPL) [nw] :: Silicon Valley Insider – *GASP* you mean some people weren’t happy with their gift from the Gods of Apple .. for shame …

5 Things We Forget About The Web [nw] :: How To Split An Atom – a nice list of the things that aren’t really dead even though we like to think they are every couple of months.


  1. sbspalding
    20/07/08 at 23:36

    Thanks as always for the nod Steven. Hope the weekend treated you well.

  2. sbspalding
    21/07/08 at 0:36

    Thanks as always for the nod Steven. Hope the weekend treated you well.