Deleting a social media service account – something I’ve never done before

Almost like clockwork the early adopter hardcore group is once more waxing poetically about FriendFeed.

You know, that other service, the one that was the darling of the tech pundits and early adopter crew. Ya, that one, the one whose founders got a really nice payday from Facebook as the behemoth shot Friendfeed in the head.

Of course the purchase didn’t (mercifully) kill off Friendfeed rather it just placed it on life support so the die-hards would still have a sandpile to play in and the PR around the whole deal was more manageable.

For me Friendfeed had become a love hate relationship. In the beginning I just didn’t get the service but after giving it a second chance I became one of Friendfeed’s biggest fans. Then they made the change to their version of real-time display of timelines and after having my say on the matter pretty well left Friendfeed.

Unlike others who left the service I never wrote some heart-wrenching love-fest type post after deciding my time with Friendfeed was over. I was happy just leaving everything the way it was with my various writings being piped into the service and collecting digital dust.

It appears though that even with the move to the Facebook servers in stead of staying on their own people are still finding reasons to leave Friendfeed for greener pastures elsewhere. Such is the case of hardcore long-time Friendfeed user Haggis

The time has come for me to part ways with the site. Why? Because it’s not fun for me anymore.


So what has kept me around so long, despite everything else? The content.

I’m still following and conversing with (mostly) the same batch of people as when I started. I still enjoy reading their posts and comments, but lately even that’s dropped off. My main feed that used to fly through my screen at around 60mph is now crawling at a snails pace. Peak hours for the site now look like 3am on a Sunday.

Unlike Haggis though I didn’t just unhook all the services I was piping into Friendfeed. Instead for the very first time on any social network I have used I deleted my account. This wasn’t an easy thing to do because in principal I disagree with this type of action. In fact my cursor hovered over the delete account button for a good five minutes before clicking the button.

So why is this case different that the other services I have stopped using?

Simple. Facebook.

Ever since the sale of Friendfeed to Facebook the service remained on its own servers. Then at some point as we find out from Louis Gray the decision to move the Friendfeed data over to the Facebook servers was made. This is were I stop the merry-go-round and get off.

I had no problem with all the data that I had streamed through my Friendfeed account being on the Friendfeed servers even though I no longer used the service. Even though there was no real Friendfeed team anymore I felt that as long our data remained on the Friendfeed servers there was a separation between the two companies and my data.

However that all changes with the transfer of data to the Facebook servers. While I might use Facebook I am not overly enamored with the company so the idea that I have provided them with another source of information about me isn’t something I am comfortable with. I am sure that there will be the comments made that Facebook probably won’t have access to the data even though it resides on their servers in their data formats. Maybe not, but I don’t trust fir that situation to stay the same over time.

So for the very first time since I first started signing up for social networking services I hit the delete button.

It’s just a matter of time but Friendfeed is done but that doesn’t mean that Facebook gets my data by virtue of buying the service.


  1. 23/03/10 at 19:53

    OH NO! I mean…. okay. So long as you still are in my Google Reader. :)
    .-= Louis Gray´s last blog ..My6sense Intros Attention API for Hyper-Relevant Web =-.

  2. 23/03/10 at 20:19

    One instance where a few of us saw the writing on the wall right around the acquisition (that’s when I nuked my account).

    Welcome to the merry club of ex-FriendFeeders; see ya on Twitter, Google Reader, and Buzz…
    .-= Webomatica´s last blog ..iPhone App: Kings Of Leon Revenge =-.