CobWEBs Daily Edition podcast: Nook v. Alex – a Don Quixote quest to recoup their losses

cbn1-podbase E-book readers seem to be all the rage these days. Everyone and their brother seems to be trying to get in on the action. The most recent big name to jump in is Barnes and Noble recently announced their own reader called the Nook. While the Nook is their primary reader B&N is also making deals with other e-book readers to carry their products.

So while all seems to be steaming full ahead it turns out that Spring Design has gotten a little pissy about all the attention the Nook is getting since they feel that Barnes and Noble stole the idea from them. So in typical American fashion Spring Design is suing Barnes and Noble for violating intellectual property.

In tonight’s show Mark and Sean discuss this turn of events as well as the e-book reader market in as it stands right now.

Enjoy the show.

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