It’s been a hell of a year and a bit for me with life throwing more than one curve ball at me, but hopefully that old adage about things coming in 3’s won’t prove to be right because, honestly, I’m not sure that I could take another kick in the <you know where>.

That aside I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about where I am and really, where I want to go following the upheaval I have gone through and I have come to some hard decisions and some soft ones. These aren’t really decisions about my personal life because, well, that’s personal.

On the work and project front however things are going to be changing with some drastic, and some not so drastic but more of a re-aligning of things that are important to me.

First on the list is my site Winextra, which has been one of my longest running sites; with just over 10 years of constant activity. Winextra started back before things like Facebook, Twitter, social media, and the ridiculous tech punditry that has become the standard way of writing about tech these days.

There are a lot of memories tied up with Winextra, mostly great, but given the current landscape of the whole tech industry; and my total lack of interest in it, the time has come I believe to say good-bye to that past and but Winextra to bed.

My reasons for this are actually really simple. I really don’t give a shit about the tech industry any more, or at least the tech news business that we have to suffer through these days. I’m tired of just about everything tech news related because it has become the same old boring shit and stupid opinions day after day. The fact is I’m just tired of tech .. I’ve been doing “Tech” for almost 20 years – it’s time for a change.

In saying good-bye to Winextra I also have to take a serious look at Geek Dimensions and what I want out of what that site was created for; not to mention my available time, both time wise and emotionally, and like Winextra some changes are going to be made. Now Geek Dimensions won’t be going away but rather a re-alignment and consolidation around one thing.

Geek Dimensions was created to celebrate the life of geeks, all kinds of geeks, but over the past while the only thing that I have enjoyed doing under the sites banner has been the Geek Dimensions On Air podcast that I do every week with my good friends Paul O’Flaherty and David Gall. Rather than write about it in a solitary fashion I get together with the two of them and have a blast talking about the things that geeks like.

So going forward Geek Dimensions will be revamped as a landing page for the On Air podcast with the current content being archived.

So where do I go from here you might be wondering, well it’s quite simple. I have found two things (well actually two things based around one things) that has sparked my creative juices and make me very happy to be involved with. The one thing, that has launched two sites, is gaming and the community around both an individual game and the streaming community found on

If you are interested you can check out Twitch Universe (the more general online gaming world and the Twitch community) and Mithril Palace (a resource and news site for SOE’s Landmark online video game) but both these projects have given me back some joy and a desire to make them the best I can. They are a part of the change.

Personally I won’t say much other than the pas year has been a really rough one but I believe I am starting to come back and with the changes posted here, and the personal ones, I am actually looking forward to the future. Don’t get me wrong I know there will still be hard parts, both work and personal, but at least now and moving forward I can do it knowing I have made some right choices for myself.

Change is good.


  1. 22/05/14 at 23:34

    I will miss Winextra, but it had a good run.

  2. Jody Bot
    23/05/14 at 8:51

    You need to do what u need to do to bring some joy back into your life…you’ve certainly been put thru the wringer.