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From the Pipeline – 7.31.08

For those few – very few that might have wondered what happened to tonight’s Discussion Point podcast the simple fact was that there wasn’t anything from during the day’s activities that seem to be interesting enough to talk about. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some good stuff in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

17 Electric Cars You Must Know About [nw] :: Treehugger – green is all the rage these days – which I guess is a good thing – as is the idea of electric cars.

AOL proves that big companies and blog networks are a difficult mix [nw] :: The Inquisitr – I’ve often wondered if previously independent blog networks can really survive within a corporate environment.

11 Steps to Fight the ‘God Complex’ [nw] :: LifeDev – aren’t they on short for the typical 12 step program?

NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended [nw] :: NASA – this is kinda cool in an extraterrestrial way.

The ITER Complex: A Gorgeous Green Enclave [nw] :: inhabitat – and this is really cool in a new world on earth type of way.

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From the Pipeline – 7.30.08

I thought we were going to have a dozy of a thunderstorm around these parts early and for about 5 minutes it rock and rolled its way through with bucketfuls of rain. On the flip side here’s a few things that I found on today’s FriendFeed pipeline and they’re dry to boot.

Crowdsourcing: Ethics and Exploitation … [nw] :: Crowdsourcing ( – ethics are always a touchy subject especially when it comes to providing the information we use on a daily basis.

The 10 Commandments of the Social Web [nw] :: Social Times – as with most lists like this a lot of it is common sense or just the right way to do things but it is always nice to have them to point others to when needed.

Five More Fantastic Flickr Photographers [nw] :: Epic Edits Weblog – Flickr has become a repository of some pretty incredible photograph – this a list of some of the best found so far

10 Amazing Visualizations of Social Networks [nw] :: Social Media Trader – along with charts visualizations have become really popular way to display data and these are some of the more interesting ones.

Storm Cloud [nw] :: Pixelaus – thank goodness this wasn’t the storm that rolled through earlier.

The World of Gummy Bears [nw] :: Flickr – people do find some pretty amazing ways to occupy their spare time

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From the Pipeline – 7.29.08

Overall it was an interesting day for news and if Duncan’s post hit the wrong nerves we could end up having a midweek bitchmeme – wish you could have saved it for the weekend Duncan. In the meantime here’s a few things that I found of interest in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

The moment 100 skydivers came together mid-air to form a 747-sized diamond [nw] :: Mail Online – this was just darn cool to look at.

Dolphins Identify Themselves with Names [nw] :: Integral Options Cafe – I’ve always felt that dolphins were extremely intelligent – maybe this goes to help prove that as fact.

The Web’s Dirty Little Secret [nw] :: How To Split An Atom – <whisper> don’t tell anyone – it’ll be our little secret </whistle>

The 100 Most Oldest Domain Names in Internet [nw] :: Daily Gyan – some of these go back to 1985 which is downright ancient in Internet Time

10 Emerging Technologies 2008 [nw] :: Technology Review – okay … now I’m totally confused – but some would suggest that that is nothing new.

192 Creative, Smart & Clever Advertisements [nw] :: Just Creative Design – advertising can indeed work and here’s some great example of ads that get your attention.

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From the Pipeline – 7.28.08

The end of the month is just around the corner and if climate change doesn’t just kick in we’ll be starting our slide into the fall season – yuck. In the meantime here’s a few things that I found of interest in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

The 11 Ugliest College Football Uniforms [nw] :: Campus Squeeze – well I guess if you are going to have a list type post then you might as well have some fun with it.

A Seemingly Square Nebula [nw] :: Astronomy Picture of the Day – I love looking at pictures like this but what a time sink this can be as you can’t stop at just one picture.

20 Most Bizarre Mugshots ever [nw] :: Oddee – another fun exercise in list making posts even though this can be a little on the worrisome side unless the people on the list are still in jail.

Who Is Your Information Filter? [nw] :: I’m Not Actually A Geek – a very interesting and valuable post by Hutch

Google Knol starting to smell spammy [nw] :: The Inquisitr – I do believe I said something along these lines would happen when Knol was first announce.

The underground world of internet fraud. [nw] :: Mike Fruchter – first post in what is intended to be a series which if the follow up posts are as good as this one it should be a good one to read in full.

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