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From the Pipeline – 8.2.08

Just another weekend on the Internet in the summertime – meaning it can be really quiet and somewhat boring. Yet I still did manage to find a few interesting things on today’s FriendFeed pipeline for your perusal.

Funny Sign [nw] :: Flickr – sorry but this one just cracked me up when I first saw even though I hadn’t even finished my first pot of coffee for the day.

Please point me toward the damn Snickers [nw] :: Ad Freak –  I wonder what drugs these guys were on when they came up with the idea of a manshark

10 Craziest Japanese Products [nw] :: Oddee – get your leg pillows and your Bilk ads here – man they do come up with some right wacky stuff.

What do Louis Gray, Thomas Hawk, Duncan Riley, Cyndy and Mona talk about on FriendFeed? [nw] :: StatsBot – Yuvi does it again with some cool data visualizations for FriendFeed regulars

FCC Says BitTorrent Throttling Illegal, EFF Releases Tool for You To Test Your ISP For It [nw] :: ReadWriteWeb – now that Comcast got slapped find out how to get your test kit to find out if you’ve been throttled.

From the Pipeline – 8.1.08

Another weekend is upon us and everything is quiet on the blogosphere front. It’s almost like the bitchmeme has decided to take a summer vacation. Oh well at least I found a few things of interest in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

13 Billboards (I laughed, I cried, I posted.) [nw] :: One Man’s Blog – these are just plain fun to find and share

Definitely No Smiling at Crocosaurus Cove [nw] :: jaunted – I don’t care how thick the plastic is you wouldn’t catch me doing this

US data centers consuming as much power as 5 million houses [nw] :: Pingdom – and this was from the 2005 figures

Taking Stock – Can Social Media Do What It Claims? [nw] :: POP! PR Jots – an interesting post that challenges social media to prove that it actually works

Dell tries to trademark “cloud computing” [nw] :: Industry Standard – another fine example of trademark stupidity

From the Pipeline – 7.31.08

For those few – very few that might have wondered what happened to tonight’s Discussion Point podcast the simple fact was that there wasn’t anything from during the day’s activities that seem to be interesting enough to talk about. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some good stuff in today’s FriendFeed pipeline.

17 Electric Cars You Must Know About [nw] :: Treehugger – green is all the rage these days – which I guess is a good thing – as is the idea of electric cars.

AOL proves that big companies and blog networks are a difficult mix [nw] :: The Inquisitr – I’ve often wondered if previously independent blog networks can really survive within a corporate environment.

11 Steps to Fight the ‘God Complex’ [nw] :: LifeDev – aren’t they on short for the typical 12 step program?

NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended [nw] :: NASA – this is kinda cool in an extraterrestrial way.

The ITER Complex: A Gorgeous Green Enclave [nw] :: inhabitat – and this is really cool in a new world on earth type of way.

From the Pipeline – 7.30.08

I thought we were going to have a dozy of a thunderstorm around these parts early and for about 5 minutes it rock and rolled its way through with bucketfuls of rain. On the flip side here’s a few things that I found on today’s FriendFeed pipeline and they’re dry to boot.

Crowdsourcing: Ethics and Exploitation … [nw] :: Crowdsourcing ( – ethics are always a touchy subject especially when it comes to providing the information we use on a daily basis.

The 10 Commandments of the Social Web [nw] :: Social Times – as with most lists like this a lot of it is common sense or just the right way to do things but it is always nice to have them to point others to when needed.

Five More Fantastic Flickr Photographers [nw] :: Epic Edits Weblog – Flickr has become a repository of some pretty incredible photograph – this a list of some of the best found so far

10 Amazing Visualizations of Social Networks [nw] :: Social Media Trader – along with charts visualizations have become really popular way to display data and these are some of the more interesting ones.

Storm Cloud [nw] :: Pixelaus – thank goodness this wasn’t the storm that rolled through earlier.

The World of Gummy Bears [nw] :: Flickr – people do find some pretty amazing ways to occupy their spare time