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Enough with the bullshit – Time to get back to what matters

I’ve come to the firm conclusion that for the most part Social Media is nothing more that a massive circle jerk and I am fed up with all the so-called conversations that are really far from being conversations.

You see conversations are all about give and take, sharing of thoughts both good and bad.

Except Social Media doesn’t want to hear anything but about how cool everyone is and how important their brand is.

It’s all about the constant regurgitation of the same old spiel just given a new number placement in some Top 10 bullshit list.

When I first split off Shooting at Bubbles from WinExtra I was under the mistaken belief that there was a need for a balanced look at the whole social media thing. I felt that there was room for a voice willing to question what people were blindly accepting as the new gospel. I believed the hype about the conversation and its power for change.

As someone who has been in this business for as long as I have I should have known better but ya I got sucked into the mindless vortex. The thing is people don’t want their sacred cows smacked around. They don’t want to be told they’ve just signed on for a new-age electronic version of Amway.

Well I tell you what – I’m fed up with banging my head against a wall. I’m tired of playing the mugs game.

I’m done.

From this point on this site will be more of a personal site. It’ll be the home of the Braindead TechCast because I love doing that podcast with Sean. It’ll be the home of my thoughts about a whole range of topics that interest me but don’t fit within the framework of WinExtra.

That isn’t to say I won’t probably still have something to say about Social Media but it’s not going to be any type of centerpiece here. I won’t be playing that stupid game anymore. One day I could talk about WordPress and design. Another day I could end up talking politics, and on yet another day I could end up talking about my dog.

I really don’t care if you stop reading S@B, it won’t bother me in the least if you stop following me on Twitter, because I’m not doing this anymore for you and the rest of the wannabe famous people of Social Media. I’m doing it for me. So if that suites you then stick around for the ride.

If not .. well its been nice knowing ya.

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Human ability to perform beyond all limits

There is no hype. There is no marketing. There is nothing more than the incredible ability of two human beings to transcend the physical limits most of us never come close to approaching.

You want to talk about doing incredible things?

Then talk about free diving into the deepest blue hole in the world with nothing more than a single breath. Not only that but do exactly the same thing so that you can film it being done.

That is human spirit and the willingness to push yourself to real limits.

The dive was done by world champion freediver Guillaume Nery at Dean’s Blue Hole and filmed entirely on breath hold by French Champion Julie Gautier.

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Everyone deserves a little happiness

Kim & I - a happy moment

Kim & I - a happy moment

In a lot of ways I am a pretty lucky guy. I get to write every day about the things that intrigue me, fascinate me and make me think; and I also get paid which is a great bonus. Even more important though is that I am lucky enough to have a woman in my life who has supported me as we have traveled the road that led to this point and it hasn’t always been an easy road.

I was reminded of this when I read a post today by Penelope Trunk as she shared some rare pictures of her recent wedding to the farmer. I left off reading the post feeling incredibly happy for Penelope, which if you have followed her blog for any length of time you will agree, her happiness is well deserved.

But then I started thinking about my own life as it is right now and wondering what simple things would add anymore happiness to it. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t have any ambitions to be rich. I am more than happy with being able to make sure we have a roof over our heads even if it is only apartment. Not having to worry if the end of the month will come before the end of the money is a great stress relief which given my need to wear a nitro patch is probably a good thing.

Happiness is a funny beast. We are often led to believe that we need to constantly raise our expectations regarding what we want out of life. Yet some of the happiest people I have known have lead what a lot of people would consider simple lives.

In a world where we look to that next new car, a bigger house, the newest gadgets and the next great moment of our lives I sometimes wonder if we have forgotten that happiness more often comes from the little things in our lives. So I decided to take a minute or two and given my current place in life to see if there was any little happiness that could make my life better.

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You just gotta love AdSense targeted advertising

I just got an email from a reader because he thought I would really appreciate the humor of this.

Earlier today I wrote a post titled Don’t hate the regurgitation which had an image in the last section of a dog cleaning up his own mess.

When Todd read the post in Google Reader (I am assuming here) there was an ad at the end of the post t hat when taken in conjunction of the image is enough to make you laugh.

Thanks Todd for the best laugh I’ve had today. Gawd you gotta love targeted advertising.

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